Thank you for visiting the Blakeford at Green Hills Corporation will and estate planning page. It is our personal mission and passion that this be a tangible charity in your life. Below you will find information about our partner in this endeavor, PhilanthroCorp, and tools to help you in this process. We do hope that you will find their services to be a blessing to you and your family.

About PhilanthroCorp

PhilanthroCorp has helped thousands of families create wills and trusts that meet their goals, save taxes and support charities they care about.

Our Mission

We do not sell products or insurance; we will simply study your information and develop an estate plan that will maximize your goals for family and charity while minimizing taxes.

Personalized Assistance

PhilanthroCorp will help you easily and completely understand everything about your options to reach your goals of providing for family and causes you care about.

Estate planning is for everyone, regardless of whether you have a lot or a little. The benefit will be to your loved ones and the charities you care most about.

Completing your estate planning process will relieve the tension in your mind, knowing that life is uncertain and the nagging worry that your affairs may need to be brought up-to-date. Experience the joy and relief of knowing you are leaving the legacy you desire.

PhilanthroCorp will help you identify your important relationships and resources and then recommend the most effective tools to ensure that your family is well cared for and that you leave the legacy you choose.

  • The process begins with a phone interview where PhilanthroCorp asks questions to learn your story, including your wishes and hopes for future generations.
  • PhilanthroCorp then provides tools that can guide you to legacy decisions within the privacy of your home.
  • Based on those decisions, PhilanthroCorp will design a plan that will be refined through a series of phone conversations and then ultimately implemented by your attorney or an attorney that PhilanthroCorp can refer you to.

Please have in mind estimated values for:

  • Assets like real estate, vehicles, special possessions
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement
  • Other investments and savings

To take advantage of this opportunity to gain professional assistance, please submit the contact form below.

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Estate specialists

The estate specialists at PhilanthroCorp will guide you through a discovery process that will consider your assets, the people and the charities that are dependent upon you. They will help you understand such issues as probate and taxes and will address tools such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and advance medical directives. Through their services, your inheritance will be structured to stand the best chance of helping the ones who are most dear to you.

  • ...
    Dave Keesling
    Estate Specialist and Co-Founder
  • ...
    Jay Haddix
    Estate Specialist
  • ...
    LaNell Scott
    Estate Specialist
  • ...
    Matt Poe
    Estate Specialist
  • ...
    Roy Stanford
    Estate Specialist
  • ...
    John Russell
    Estate Specialist and Regional Director

What People Are Saying About PhilanthroCorp

We were thrilled at the incredible help PhilanthroCorp was in helping us design an estate plan that was custom designed to our specific situation. We included things in our will this time that we had never considered before. We so appreciate this wonderful service provided for us.

Jim and Kathy L.

As a single mom, I had a very basic will done for me several year ago and was very grateful! When I heard about the opportunity to fine-tune my will, I jumped on it. PhilanthroCorp was super easy to work with. They walked me through the entire process – we had many candid discussions on what my wishes were in the event of my death – and with their help, I believe that my will now reflects my heart’s desires.

Sherry M.

Michelle and I had a misunderstanding that because we don’t have vast resources, estate planning was not for us. However, after viewing a public presentation at one of our denominational gatherings, we began thinking more intentionally and realized we have more ability than we thought. PhilanthroCorp allowed Michelle and me to leave behind a legacy that will bear fruit and we couldn’t be happier with results.

Mark and Michelle A.

Kristin and I were initially skeptical about estate planning, considering it cumbersome. However, PhilanthroCorp turned our perception around completely. Their process was a joy, eliminating headaches and confusion, and making the entire experience seamless. Besides having our documents in place, completing our plan has helped us focus on the future and define our legacy goals. On a scale of 1-10, Kristin and I would rate their service 2,000!

Peter & Kristin E.

The death of my father ultimately motivated Nancy and me the most to sort through our estate planning needs, although we were not particularly excited to begin the process. Nancy and I lacked knowledge on how to initiate it all, and we worried it would be a grueling experience. However, we were incredibly pleased with the service from PhilanthroCorp; their delivery, professionalism, and dedication to Nancy’s and my needs was unmatched. We are very happy!

Andy & Nancy A.

Completing our estate plan alongside PhilanthroCorp provided Laura and me the strongest sense of relief and peace of mind. There is no greater blessing than knowing our children will be protected if anything should unexpectedly happen. PhilanthroCorp was absolutely wonderful to work with—their estate specialists were exceedingly accommodating, accountable, and straightforward. They simplified everything in a way that was very easy to understand.  

Eric & Laura S.