Thank you for visiting the Oklahoma Christian University will and estate planning page. It is our personal prayer and passion that this be a tangible ministry in your life. Below you will find information about our partner in this endeavor, PhilanthroCorp, and tools to help you in this process. We do hope that you will find their services to be a blessing to you and your family.

What People Are Saying About PhilanthroCorp

What PhilanthroCorp brought to the table was something I couldn’t find anywhere else. I couldn’t find it from my CPA who could only give me one piece of the puzzle. I couldn’t find it from any attorney, who would only look at it from a legal perspective. What PhilanthroCorp brought was common sense, Biblically based estate planning advice.

Gail C.

We were thrilled at the incredible help PhilanthroCorp was in helping us design an estate plan that was custom designed to our specific situation. We included things in our will this time that we had never considered before. We so appreciate this wonderful service provided for us.

Jim and Kathy L.

Everybody that we talked to was compassionate and caring. They prayed with us and prayed over us, they were so wonderful. I can’t imagine anyone hesitating calling them today!

Walter and Ann W.

Working with PhilanthroCorp was an extremely easy process as they shared with us what we needed to do to prepare our estate. They provided us financial insights in writing, communicated with us over the phone several alternatives, shared with us how to best accomplish what we felt God was leading us to do, and finally provide a local lawyer to finalize our wills. It was a joy to be able to continue to further God’s Kingdom, reaching this lost world for Christ even as we are in heaven.

Gerry and Carol S.

As a single mom, I had a very basic will done for me several year ago and was very grateful! When I heard about the opportunity to fine-tune my will, I jumped on it. PhilanthroCorp was super easy to work with. They walked me through the entire process – we had many candid discussions on what my wishes were in the event of my death – and with their help, I believe that my will now reflects my heart’s desires.

Sherry M.

About us

PhilanthroCorp has helped thousands of families create wills and trusts that meet their goals, save taxes and support ministries they care about.

Our Mission

We do not sell products or insurance; we will simply study your information and develop an estate plan that will maximize your goals for family and ministry while minimizing taxes.

Estate specialists

The estate specialists at PhilanthroCorp will guide you through a discovery process that will consider your assets, the people and the ministries that are dependent upon you. They will help you understand such issues as probate and taxes and will address tools such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and advance medical directives. Through their services, your inheritance will be structured to stand the best chance of helping the ones who are most dear to you.


    Dave Keesling

    Dave leads the Estate Specialist team. He has been helping people across the country develop estate plans from a Biblical perspective for over 30 years.


    Jay Haddix

    Jay joined PhilanthroCorp in 2002. He received degrees in Business and Theology from Azusa Pacific University. He has a big heart for people and his desire is to be a blessing in any way that he can.


    LaNell Scott

    LaNell interacts with the attorneys who draft your legal documents. She ensures that your wishes are met. She has 21 years of experience in estate planning.


    Matt Poe

    Matt has a degree from Pensacola Christian College. He found his passion for estate planning serving as Vice President of the Back to the Bible Foundation and started with PhilanthroCorp in early 2015.

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